Unproductivity is key

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It was a very unproductive Monday. Even as I write, this, I am doing it very poorly. I am sitting on the couch, next to my sister, in a cycle of giggling and staring at my computer, trying to write this.

Five minutes ago, I was stressing about how I hadn’t written yesterday or today and how I was very unproductive the past two days. I felt like I was getting further away from my daily practice than I wanted, and it was making me anxious.

And yet, I needed today. My sister came to town yesterday morning, was supposed to leave this morning, and somehow, the universe gave me an extra 24 hours with her. After some airport drama, the day was perfect, almost 60. The sun was out. Thanks to Ben being an amazing husband, my sister and I were able to have a little time just the two of us. We went shopping for skincare products. It was heavenly. And we finished the day with ice cream under the baby cherry blossom trees in our neighborhood park. It was the perfect kind of unproductivity.

Sometimes you just need to step away from the daily ritual, realign yourself, spend time with someone you haven’t seen in a while. That way you can step back into the work you love refreshed, and perhaps, with a new perspective.

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