Washington Summer

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The first time I saw Washington, I realized that this was the place I’ve seen in so many advertisements for American vacations. This is the quintessential USA. If you’ve been here, you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t I’ll try to paint a picture.

On a summer day the sky is almost the perfect shade of baby blue and wispy white clouds add just the right amount of contrast. They look like someone lightly brushed white paint on the sky with a feather-soft stroke.

The lakes and the sound are all deep shades of navy blue- a blue I thought only existed in artistic renderings of water. As your eyes move from lake to land, they are met by evergreens that tower over everything like gentle, watchful giants. Sometimes they move in the wind like Ents lumbering slowly through a Middle Earth Forest. Beyond that, the mountains loom in the distance dotted with snow. They are majestic, grey against the green from the trees and the vibrant baby blue of the sky.

The beaches are rocky and sandy and covered in driftwood, and the water can be so cold it freezes your toes the minute you touch it. The experience refreshes your whole body.

In the evening, the sun filters through the trees, streaks of golden light illuminating floating pieces of pollen and tiny insects that have come out to dance. The air cools down as the sun dips behind the Olympic mountains and tints the sky pink, purple, and orange. It’s fresh and crisp in the night air. It’s easy to fall asleep with the gentle breeze wafting through your open window.

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