We can’t be color blind

I thought being color blind meant treating everyone, every human with respect and love, and not treating someone differently (better or worse) based on their race. But what I’ve found is that the phrase color blind implies that we, as a society, require comformity. That if we were color blind, we’d require everyone to be exactly the same.

If that last statement is true, it can’t really be about being color blind. This is a conclusion that has been tossed around quite a bit lately, but it took me a while to get to the conclusion myself in the way that is necessary to move forward. It can’t be about being color blind, because the minute we do that, we stop being able to celebrate the differences each person brings to the world to make it beautiful.

But we can’t segregate ourselves based on race, we can’t make assumptions about a person based on someone’s skin color or based on a previous experience. We have to see people as people, embrace and celebrate each other’s cultural differences, try to understand and learn from the various painful histories and burdens different cultures carry with them. If we have any hope of a bright future, we have to do all this and unite as Americans.

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