We need people

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People are important. They matter. And nothing makes you realize that more than being at a wedding (or really any large event) after a whole year of seclusion and very little in-person interaction. Humans need other humans. Sure we can survive on food and water, but to really live is to be connected to another person.

Yesterday was the first time I shot a wedding since the pandemic hit. Actually, it was the first time I’ve been in a large group since before the pandemic. It felt oddly normal. Then it would hit me that it felt normal. The day was magical even in a downpour. The ability to be with other people again, celebrating again, shooting love again, was the best feeling.

When we forget how connection feels, we start to lose a little bit of our attachment to other people, and sometimes that can lead to a loss of empathy. We’ve seen it in so many different ways over the past year. And I firmly believe that bringing people back together will remind everyone how much we need to respect, love, and understand one another.

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