When it’s all stripped away

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What can we learn from a person when it’s all been stripped away? When we’ve taken away the fashion, the fancy background, the posing, even their smile, what do we see? Who is the person in front of the camera?

This is a question that is on my mind quite often and a project I’m ready to dive into. I’ve been wanting to do a photo series of people in front of the backdrop. They’d sit on my stool and look right at the camera, and sit in front of me uncomfortably until I could see into their soul, and then I’d take the photo.

My goal is to get faster and faster at this process until my eyes dart around their face and body picking up on ticks, body language, placement of their eyes so that I can make the most honest and beautiful portraits. So that, when everything is added back into the photo, I can truly say I photographed the person. It all comes down to telling the stories.

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