When the PRessure is gone

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My personal work is some of my best work. And I’m not talking about the series I shoot of dancers, I’m talking about the work I create of my every day, the pictures I take of my kids and family. Why is this?

When I take the pictures of my family, there’s no pressure to get the shot right. It’s just for me. It’s for my own memories of them. This is why it’s so important for me to continuously do this work, to be taking these pictures.

My piano teacher always used to say that you have to practice a piece until it is perfect because there is no pressure when you’re practicing at home. If you make mistakes when you’re at home, you’ll make even bigger ones on the stage when there are lights, an audience, when there is pressure. The same goes for anything else.

So I practice photography, I practice my art so that it can be perfect before I get in front of a client. Although, I know that any picture I take will never feel perfect to me. But it can capture that moment, that feeling in the best possible way. And I can feel more confident of, even the way I interact with a subject, the more that I practice it.

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