When to quit

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How do we know when to let go of something and when to keep fighting for it? When do we know when it’s better to quit?

In life, relationships, work, the line between continuing on, struggling on, and letting go can be a tough one to cross. The fear that we can never go back takes hold of us just as we begin to feel like we’ve made the right decision and reminds us that there are things at stake.

To walk away from something we’ve worked so hard for in a life where we don’t get, in my opinion, enough years on Earth, can feel like a waste. To start over from scratch can feel like erasing everything from our past.

How do we know when to carve a new path? To follow the next great adventure and stop living in the dream land of what was once our goal, a goal that may never be achieved or that we no longer desire to achieve?

I don’t have the answers. Only these ruminations.

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