Writing to write with nothing to write

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I’m not sure how long I can sit in front of a blank screen with nothing to write, but that’s what’s happening right now. I sat down this morning, with my journal, thinking I would write something profound enough to write here. Nothing came. Then I worked out, thinking I would physically stimulate my brain into something interesting to write. Nothing came. Now Frozen 2 is on the television, lunch is almost ready, baby boy just filled another diaper (sorry if that’s TMI), and I am still just trying to write something interesting. It’s tempting not to write anything at all today. I keep thinking, “I’ll write when it feels right,” but then I think about all the creatives teaching me to be a creative. I think about their teachings that encourage writers and artists to practice their craft and force the “feeling”, the creativity to come. So I’m writing this. I’m writing about not finding anything to write. Does this count?

In creative writing class, one of my favorite exercises was to write from streaming consciousness, so that’s kind of where I’m going with this. So far, I’ve questioned why the 12 days of Christmas became a thing and why it’s not a bigger thing. Can we stop and talk about this for a second? This holiday is a celebration for Christians of the day their savior and king was born, but it’s only a one day celebration in most households. How? Why? Why not keep the celebration going? In some cultures, weddings are 3 days long! I’ve also worried about my relationship with food. Why I eat what I eat and when I eat has always been a problem for me, one that I’ve been trying to fix on the emotional end for the first time in my life. I’ve also questioned whether yoga pants are an appropriate choice for today, worried that the fuzzy sweater I’m wearing today will no longer be soft once I wash it, and questioned if I should even publish this post. Every time I glance up, I see Frozen 2 on the screen and see my daughter standing way too close to the television. I probably should think she needs to back up and ask her to do so, but instead I get distracted by how different this movie looks on my parents’ television. Does it make everything look like this? The “cinematography” looks funky, even though it’s animated. It’s just so smooth and crisp.

These are the ramblings of someone with nothing much to write. No images feel worth adding to this post.

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